Marketing your Business

Having a great looking website is just the first step towards getting more business. To make the most out of your new website you really need for your potential customers to be able to find you.
You can do this by taking pro-active action, by marketing your business by a variety of means, including: content writing, social media pages and pay per click advertising.

Digital marketing services

Content Creation

Having great content on your website is a sure fire way to get more visitors to your website. The well-worn phrase in the marketing world is "Content is King".
And we couldn’t agree more, that is why we have quality writers ready to write you articles that you’re visitors will love, and so will Google.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay, and if your business does not yet have a presence on Facebook or Twitter then you really could be losing out big time.
There is no reason why your business should not have a Facebook or Twitter page, and we’re here to help set you up.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is the perhaps the best way to market your business and get results today. You get to top of Google's search results instantly.
The catch is you pay... per click. You select targeted key phrase relating to your business, say "Plumbers in Cardiff" and set a maximum cost per visitor you are willing to pay (say £1.00) and also a maximum total spend per day £15 for example.

You would appear at the top of the results for "Plumbers in Cardiff" until your total spend has been reached. It can get quite complicated, that's why we can help manage this for you.

Logo Design

Having a good looking logo is a simple yet effective way to help improve the image of your business.
It’s a no brainer, get yourself a nice looking logo… we can help.


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