Search Engine Optimisation...

So you've got your shiny new website and are sitting there waiting for the visitors to come and the Dollars (OK, Pounds) to roll in...

But not so fast! Sadly, it doesn't quite work out like that. So far only You, Me and maybe your Mother knows this website exists!

Virtually nobody is visiting your cool new website. What can be DONE?! (I hear you cry...)

Fear not, Search Engine Optimisation is here to help you...

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  • What do we mean by "Search Engine Optimisation"?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is the process of optimising your website and individual web pages for particular phrases people enter into search engines looking for a particular thing.

    For example, say you are a driving instructor in Newbury, it's safe to say you're probably going to want to rank in Google when someone searches for "driving instructors in Newbury".

    This is what SEO is all about, trying to get your web pages to rank as high as possible for whatever search phrases are important to your business.

    Why the need for SEO?

    Maybe you don't! If you are a... say... Pink Igloo Seller in Hull, chances are your Pink Igloo website in Hull is going to rocket straight to the top of the search engine results, and your world wide domination of the sale of Pink Igloos has begun.

    However, if your a more traditional type of business, chances are you've got some competition that's already out there. If your a Plumber in a town of 20 plumbers, they're all wanting to be at the top of the search results too.

    This is what SEO is about, it can be easy to get to the top with a low competition keyword ("Pink Igloo"), but it gets harder and harder depending on how much competition you're up against.

    So how do the search engine decide who ranks where?

    It's a combination of things: Website Age, On site SEO & Backlinks.

  • On site Search Engine Optimisation

    On site SEO should be the simplest part of the SEO puzzle. It means having a website with no structural coding errors, that would prevent the search engine bots from visiting your site and understanding what you website is about.

    This should not be a problem today, it's more a legacy thing where coding best practice wasn't set in stone.

    All modern websites, including all those built at Valley Web Designs will be search engine friendly.

    Another part of On site seo is, the structure of your pages. Making sure things like: Page title, H1,H2 tags, image alt's are topical to what you want the page to rank for.

    As I said these things are not rocket science, but are essential.

  • Off site SEO - Link Building

    link building

    Here's something you should know: as of 2016, link building is the single most powerful way to get your website to the top of Google, bar none.

    Here's something else you should know: Google doesn't like you "building" links.

    So what is link building exactly? Link building is the process of having other websites place a link on their website to your website.
    Think of each link as a little vote for your website, and each vote/link you get gets you a little higher in the rankings.

    For example if you had a link with the text "Dog Grooming Bristol", the Google bot would go, ah-ha! This web page is about dog grooming in Bristol and would place you a little higher in the results for that particular search term. How many links you need to have an effect will depend on how tough the competition is for the particular search term.

  • SEO Risk Factors

    I must point out that for all the benefits link building has, there are potential downsides we cannot ignore, and must take into account.

    Google states "Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines".
    They dislike link building because it's a way of artificially manipulating their search results, and has caused penalties in the past. Where entire websites have been removed from Google's search results.

    It's important to note that it's not against any Law, and Google does not own the internet.
    You are free to do with your website as you wish. Just be aware that Google may change an algorithm at anytime that will effect your website negatively.

    The links we create are a long way from the spammy tactics of the past. For example we will create unique quality articles that we will place on selected websites.

    However, I must warn you there are still risks, even though we do our best to minimise them.

  • How much do our SEO plans cost?

    Our prices are quoted at a monthly rate.
    You are free to cancel at any time if you're not entirely happy with our service.
    But, of course. We hope that you will be.

    The cost of our SEO plans depends on your individual requirements, because each project will be different. It may be quite straightforward or more difficult depending on what keywords you'll be targeting.

    But as a guide, our SEO plans start from around £100 per Month.

    So just fill in the free SEO quote request and we'll take a look at your details and send you a quote for our service.

    Please note, there are no Guarantee's

    It's important to state, we cannot offer any guarantees of how well you will rank.
    Google and Bing will rank your website where they wish, we can only try to improve how their algorithms rate your website.
    That said, we do have a good success rates. It's just we cannot guarantee them.

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