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Hey, welcome to Valley Web Designs! Please, allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Robert, and I am the Web Developer, Owner & Tea Boy here at Valley Web Designs.

First let me tell you a bit about myself, I'm from Maesteg, a small town in the heart of the South Wales valleys, where I grew up around my families small business - a general convenience store.

The reason for me wanting to tell you this is, I imagine that as a small business owner yourselves, the thought of getting a website developed may seem quite daunting, as you've got enough on your plate in the day to day running of your business!

Hopefully this is where I can come in. I'm not a big web design agency, with lots of staff and a city centre office.
It's just me, working from my home office, doing what I do best...
(hint: building websites!)

Choosing a Freelancer over a Web Design Agency?

What I hope I can offer you is, with my over 15 years of web development experience, is to build you a professional website, that is modern looking, designed to the latest standards, and perhaps more importantly, gets you the results you're after i.e. getting you more business!

But maybe more than that, I can offer you a personal service. You'll have direct connection to me the web developer, at all times. You want something done quick, just pick up the phone or email me... boom it's done.

I want you to know if you sign up with me here at Valley Web Designs, you won't just be an account number. As a individual web developer, there is a limit to how much work I can take on at any one time, so I'll only take on a new client, if I think I can help deliver them their goals.

Being a small business owner myself, I want your website to do well for you. I'll be watching your websites like a hawk, constantly wanting you to get more visitors, more traffic & more sales from your website.

Thanks for taking a look around - and all the best,
Robert Tew
Valley Web Designs

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All the best,
Robert, Valley web Designs.